A look back at the NFL's fourth Sunday in 2021

The Arizona Cardinals defeated the Los Angeles Rams by a score of 37 to 20. But not just yet, there are many more I would like to share with you!

Surprisingly disappointing result for the Rams

The Rams' offensive line, which was unusually clumsy and out-and-out, committed two bloody turnovers almost immediately, and Arizona converted these two errors into touchdowns without difficulty, bringing the score 24 to 13 after a touchdown lost on the road - on each side.

In the second half, the Cardinals' offense, also based on a brilliant racing game, continued to find ways to stay on the field and move the score. They were up to 34 to 13 with less than a fourth to play: Los Angeles, desperate for points, was blocked a few centimeters from the end zone by the increasingly convincing defense of the Cardinals.

Convincing performances of the Green Bay, the Arizona and Chicago Bears

Let’s see what the Green Bay Packers have achieved. They have won three straight games after defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers by 27-17. The situation at the Steelers' home was far from ideal. The offense struggled to sustain moves and score points. More specifically, after a surprising 45-yard touchdown by Diontae Johnson on the first move, the Steelers' offense has essentially vanished, and this against Aaron Rodgers often coincides with the best way to lose it.

The Kingsbury boys had done just enough to keep the chains moving. Despite a pointless touchdown by Robert Woods in garbage time, there was nothing left to do for then-undefeated Arizona: their 4-0 win sends a strong message to the rest of the NFL, indicating that, following last fall's half-season disappointment, the intention this year is to make the best possible use of the roster's immense potential to establish itself as one of the NFC's powerhouses.

We can not miss out on Fields and his teammates leading the Chicago Bears to a convincing victory over the Detroit Lions, winning 24-14 either. After last Sunday's humiliating performance against the Browns defense, the Bears' offense took to the field with a decidedly different attitude: the offensive line, perhaps still haunted by last Sunday's nine sacks, dominated for the entire game, allowing the excellent Montgomery - who came out due to injury - to gain consistent yards and score two touchdowns.

Two odd matches in the round

Strange and undoubtedly spectacular match in Atlanta between the Falcons and the Washington Football Team: Washington managed to escape 34 to 30 after a brilliant comeback.

The game was incredibly entertaining; both teams managed to move the chains - and put points on the board - without much drama. After a bump and response that lasted the entire game, Washington scored -2 thanks to a Mclaurin touchdown and a failed two-point conversion.

Unfortunately, Atlanta was forced to three n' out, providing Heinecke with the opportunity to become a hero. The good quarterback wasn't satisfied with a spot that would have put them in front and given them a one-score lead, so he finally settled the score with a Mckissic 30-yard touchdown. 

But the strangest game of the day comes from New York, where the New York Jets beat the Tennessee Titans 27-24 in overtime, as we all expected. Tannehill's attack has gotten into a lot of trouble without Brown and Jones. On the other hand, Zach Wilson shook off a traumatic start punctuated by the inevitable interception to start sustaining long and well-structured moves.

First victory for New York Giants in a long time

Interesting news is that the New York Giants have won their first American football game! The G-Men defeated the New Orleans Saints by 27 to 21 in overtime, thanks to a touchdown by Barkley. It was an entertaining and hard-fought game eventually lost by the Saints, who gave the opponent a way back into the game with a touchdown on Barkley's reception - followed by a two-point conversion.

Other notable matches

How about Wilson's team's impressive victory over the 49ers? With patience and skills, the Seahawks scored valuable points, to which San Francisco couldn't respond. It is also because Garoppolo's injury forced Shanahan to throw rookie L.

When it comes to the Browns, they also defeated the Minnesota Vikings, 14-7, thanks to an outstanding defensive effort by Cleveland, which effectively canceled Minnesota's powerful attack after conceding a touchdown on the first move of the afternoon.

How about the Chiefs? Well, the sun has returned to Kansas City. The Chiefs defeated the Eagles 42 to 30 thanks to their dominance.

The Dallas Cowboys' 36-28 victory over the Carolina Panthers revealed a great deal about the Cowboys' health. Despite Carolina's excellent defense, the Cowboys' offensive unit managed to impose its will by dominating the line of scrimmage, allowing Zeke Elliott to have his best day of the season with 143 yards on 20 carries - and a touchdown.

Also, the Baltimore Ravens dominated the Denver Broncos, winning 24-7 and handing the Colorado franchise its first loss of the season.

As regards the Buffalo Bills, they humiliated the Houston Texans by a score of 40 to 0. The Houston attack got crushed by the understandable turnover of Mills, who launched four interceptions against the increasingly brilliant Buffalo defense

The Indianapolis Colts' first joy of the season was a crucial 27-17 victory over the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins' offense struggled tremendously this week and, as is often the case, was able to score points only in the final minutes of the game, which allowed them to level up the rankings.

Tom Brady's return to Foxborough had the potential to be a huge surprise, but luckily for him and the Buccaneers, Nick Folk is not Justin Tucker. Tampa Bay defeated the good New England Patriots 19 to 17 in Foxborough.

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