NFL: Things e learned after a month

A month has passed by in the NFL and I think it's high time we looked back at the noticeable competitions so far. Also, there are 

The Packers and the Bills Rich in History

Both the Packers and the Bills are on a 3-1 record as well as victories over elite rivals such as the Niners and Steelers in Green Bay and the Buffalo Bills for the past forty years.

Dallas, Kansas City Chiefs, and Chargers 

It is worth mentioning the name Prescott, who quickly reminded us that the contract signed in the offseason was not a blessing but proof of Jerry Jones's undeniable generosity, but a well-deserved contract on the pitch.

As regards the Chargers, they only need one day to undo a year's worth of work, but after their win over the Chiefs, it's clear that they have changed to some extent: the recognition that they can play against anyone: pleasant attack spins, Herbert being reluctant to error and prone to big play while the defense, finally complete.

The Kansas City Chiefs had a match against Philadelphia on Sunday when they showed all their dazzling strength by marching around the field without any difficulty and putting points on the scoreboard in every possible way.

The Cowboys' return to power

The Cowboys' offensive line has returned to dominance, enabling Zeke Elliott to reclaim the enamel that many people erroneously believed he had lost. Their most impressive thing about the Cowboys, however, was their defense. The franchise has undoubtedly made optimistic leaps forward after a devastating 2020 season. 

Except for the competition against the Buccaneers, it is safe to conclude that they played at a high level - high enough to suffocate the opposing offensive units for the whole quarters. They gave way to their attack teammates against Philadelphia, but especially against Carolina, to split the game in half.

The Denver Broncos' entry into the NFL Olympus

It is indeed possible to lose a game, and not to mention that defeat is just one of the possible outcomes in the sport, but let me assert that how this defeat occurred has provided us with a little more clarity on the Colorado franchise.

The Broncos remain a very quality team with a defense capable of dominating the NFL for several years. However, their horizons are limited by the insipidity of the quarterback. More specifically, against the Ravens, we have seen the Denver Broncos of recent years, the regular decent squad able to hold on to the match by limiting the rival's attack until the time remaining on the clock is too short to embrace the presumption of comeback.

Denver will have a chance to make up for it in the end, but given what happened on Sunday, it's fair to say that the shadow of a particularly favorable calendar hangs over their still-impressive record. 

The Steelers' difficult situation

The mediocre performance of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger after four games accidentally wasted the defense's continually praiseworthy work. 

It is typical of the Steelers whose constant option is to play quarter down by throwing the ball to the good Najee Harris who may be showing some skill in breaking tackles but who can in no way be regarded as the go-to guy in such circumstances.

The AFC North is a tough division - the Browns, Ravens, and Bengals have all only lost one game - and a team like Pittsburgh has no chance of making the playoffs. The thing is they're too talented not to win a few games here and there to give us the illusion that they're still in it, but let's not fool ourselves, the Steelers are in an extremely complex situation.

The powerful Arizona Cardinals

We can easily tell the difference between the Arizona Cardinals' victory over the Rams and the far less impressive victory over the Jaguars.

Arizona, from the top with a 4-0 record, provides us enough grounds to suppose they are the best team in the NFL, thanks to an attack in which Kyler Murray's excellence is best utilized by a power supply of incredibly well-matched receivers. What's more, the Edmonds-Conner duo appears to work great, and opposing defenses are constantly kept on their toes.

Arizona appears to have a solid, talented, and balanced team, and a fresh defense; which allows for pushing opponents' attacks out of the game, not to mention the franchise possessing the current best player in the league, Kyler Murray.

Noticeable players over a month

Justin Herbert left a profound impression. It's completely normal for a rookie to struggle, lose games, make mistakes, and give the impression of being "inadequate," but what Justin Herbert did is out of the ordinary, and let's keep it in mind.

Trevor Lawrence is showing signs of enlightenment after a two-week time to forget, thanks in part to Urban Meyer's decision to lean more heavily on James Robinson. Who would have guessed that not forcing a quarterback rookie to throw 40/50 times a week is the best way to put him at ease?

Fresh from his first professional victory against the Titans, Zach Wilson made us believe why the Jets chose him with the second overall pick and several throws. 

For Corey Davis, after his loss in September, his performance has been so convincing that fans regard him as a promising talent.

Both Trey Lance and Justin Fields have played far too little, so there will be no comments about them.

Mac Jones is on my list here because he might find himself in such a perplexing situation that it's difficult to comment on it seriously. One week, the Internet crowned him as Tom Brady's heir, only to retract everything the week after, citing it as a potential Patriots problem.

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