The recap of 2021 NFL's 10th Sunday 

Let's not forget what happened between the Ravens and the Dolphins on Thursday night. And there are more... Just keep reading till the end.

The 16-to-16 tie -the head-to-head between Lions and Steelers

After a strong start by the hosts, which included a touchdown by James Washington, Detroit began to climb the hill by scoring two spectacular rushing touchdowns with Jermar Jefferson and Godwin Igwebuike. It's worth noting that the kicker Santoso missed the extra point after the second touchdown.

With patience, Pittsburgh has recovered in the sound of Boswell's placed, the last of which came at the start of the fourth period of play: regular time ended with an endless series of punts that resulted in some extra time.

After failing to score points at the end of the first drive, the game seemed to be channeled onto the Steelers' tracks, as Diontae Johnson almost immediately brought them into the field goal area thanks to a nearly 40-yard reception that ended in the most unfortunate way possible, namely with a fumble: ball to the Lions, who, with patience, took to the field goal area, putting Santoso in the position to redeem himself with an all-in kick.

Back to the Steelers, punt: The Lions, being the Lions, returned the favor with another punt that effectively put their opponents up against the wall because the yards gained far outweighed the time remaining on the clock.

Rudolph became enraged and attempted to gain another half-dozen yards with about ten seconds left to play to put Boswell in a better position for the winning field goal: obviously, first. The good Freiermuth could find the sideline here as if by magic comes the fumble, recovered from Detroit, which puts the sad draw on ice.

This was a wasted opportunity for the Steelers, who blew a chance to reclaim first place in the AFC North by flopping spectacularly, allowing the Lions to leave the field with a different result than their usual defeat: we've seen far more exciting football games.

The 45 to 7 win of New England Patriots over the Cleveland Browns 

New England dominated the Browns yesterday by dominating all three phases of the game, as the defense was able to take Cleveland's inconsistent offensive department out of the equation - with Mayfield orphaned in the final minutes due to an injury - while the offense, led by the best Mac Jones ever, moved the chains with ease.

Rhamondre Stevenson put in a killer performance, gaining 114 yards from scrimmage and scoring two touchdowns, securing a spot in Belichick's backfield for the rest of the season.

It's interesting to note that, finally, the excellent Jakobi Meyers scored his first career touchdown after receiving the ball from Hoyer: New England, now at 6-4, appears poised for the second half of the season as the AFC's undisputed champion.

The Dallas Cowboys crushed the Atlanta Falcons by ending 43 to 3

Dallas didn't make a mistake by displaying great maturity against a team that, in one way or another, has relied on the talent of its point guards to win games: the defense, led by former Falcons coach Quinn, outclassed the visitors' attack, causing three turnovers when taken in conjunction with Ryan and his teammates' 22 minutes of possession.

A strange 23 to 17 victory of Indianapolis over Jacksonville Jaguars

At 17-0 with a few minutes left in the first quarter, Wentz and his teammates were forced to leave the game with failed drives that provided Meyer's team with numerous opportunities - untapped - to reopen it: a James touchdown. 

With ten minutes left, Robinson put them down three points, but Indianapolis showed a level of sophistication by doubling the lead with a field goal and, more importantly, sending Jacksonville's helpless attack off the field.

Buffalo Bills 45, New York Jets 17

The Bills had a lot to prove after being humiliated by the Jaguars, and they did so against the Jets for an afternoon. The final 45 to 17 could have been much worse with New York, who, it must be said, graced the score with a couple of touchdowns in garbage time.

Overwhelming performance by the Buffalo defense, which returned Mike White to the norm with five turnovers, making the "ballot" between him and the returning Zach Wilson less intense: Buffalo has already proven that they can slaughter lowly opponents.

The Tennessee Titans won New Orleans Saints 23 to 21 

Similar to what we saw against the Falcons last Sunday, New Orleans was able to make a game that seemed to be slipping away from them competitive again, scoring 15 of the game's 21 total points in the final 20 minutes of play. More specifically, a couple of missed extra points can make a big difference. 

Following Callaway's potential equalizer touchdown, kicker Johnson effectively forced New Orleans to play the game with the incorrect two-point conversion. The Titans' defense has shown significant signs of improvement in recent weeks by consistently playing well. 

The surprising 29 to 19 victory of the Washington Football Team over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The reigning champions have now lost two games in a row and must admit that the absence of playmakers like Brown and Gronkowski is hurting them a lot.

Brady and his fellow players made a lot of mistakes in the first minutes after committing two bloody turnovers that resulted in 13 points for the hosts. With Brady on the field, the comeback is always around the corner, and with patience and acuity, Tampa Bay made up for it by moving to four lengths with ten minutes left thanks to a touchdown from Evans.

To secure success, Washington blended a moving 19-game drive that enabled them to file more than ten minutes off the clock: one step away from the double-voiced Antonio Gibson finding the end zone for the touchdown, he offered them two possessions of competitive edge that not even the invincible Brady can recoup in thirty seconds of play.

The astonishing final 34 to 10 of Carolina Panthers vs. Arizona Cardinals

The final score of 34-10 is the result of a one-way game in which the Cardinals' offense struggled to find consistency and rhythm, while Carolina, led by a healthy McCaffrey, pushed the calendar back to 2015, proving incredibly strong in the red zone thanks to Cam Newton, who scored two touchdowns. Cam, who was only on the field for a few snaps, first carried the ball to the promised land with his legs before interacting with Anderson.

The Vikings amazing victory over the Chargers

The Chargers' pathological incompetence in resisting the opponent's racing game resulted in a 27-20 loss: Minnesota, by imposing its tempo on the game, has relegated Los Angeles to 23 horrible minutes of ball possession, pressuring them to play. Another opportunity to put together preemptive drives that, unfortunately, frequently fail.

On the defensive line, Justin Jefferson had 143 yards of reception and helped his team move the chains with aplomb. Los Angeles, after a promising start, has sunk into an alarming mediocrity, owing primarily to a defense that struggled to hunt down opponent attacks on the sidelines.

The Philadelphia Eagles dominated their opponents, outscoring the Denver Broncos 30-13

Philadelphia dominated the speed of the game, despite the Broncos' poor 1 in 11 on third down. The Eagles, led by Hurts who has become increasingly competent and reliable, have already done what they needed to do to ensure themselves the starting shirt again in 2022 -, they make very few bad decisions, and with an increasingly insightful DeVonta Smith.

The Green Bay Packers defeated the Seattle Seahawks by a score of 17 to 0

Seattle, regrettably sterile and blunt, had possession for only 20 meager minutes, far too little to play against a team led by the homeopathic Rodgers. AJ Dillon scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, putting the game out of reach.

Kansas City Chiefs 41-14 Las Vegas Raiders - The Chiefs are back!

Mahomes and his team defeated the Las Vegas Raiders by five touchdowns of Mahomes, back to being Mahomes. The Chiefs' attack dominated throughout the game, accumulating more than 500 total yards and moving the chains with a sometimes demeaning simplicity, assisted by an increasingly growing defense.

After a tough month, Patrick Mahomes and his teammates came back, if only for one night, to do what they've become familiar to: enforce their will on the opponents' defensive units by maximizing the surreal skills and talents of their big names. 

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