Matches and Predictions: Week 11 of 2021 NFL

It's time to start thinking about the matches of the week! The week is full of interesting and entertaining matches. We also provide predictions and personal comments on the upcoming competitions.

Most interesting matches of the week

New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday 7 pm

The Philadelphia Eagles may end up their loss after such an endorsement on Sunday because, after a few weeks of adjusting, they have finally found the uniqueness that allows them to compete on an equal footing with anyone.

The most intriguing aspect of this matchup is the New Orleans Saints' run defense, which is by far the best in the NFL. Philadelphia has been running with tenacity - and quick wit - against anyone and, even on Sunday, to win. 

The Saints are certainly likely to score points - they did not disgrace themselves offensively against Tennessee - but it is clear that their chances of winning are dependent on the defensive unit's performance: stopping Hurts and his team members is not easy at the moment.

Our choice: The Philadelphia Eagles.

Indianapolis Colts vs Buffalo Bills, Sunday 7 pm

The revenge of a playoff match is already intriguing in and of itself, but it takes on even more flavor when you consider the current state of form of the two teams. Both teams, obviously in different ways, are having difficulty finding the consistency required to sit at the 'grown-ups' table.

Both teams require this win, even if Indianapolis requires it not only to stay in the playoff race but also to become cognisant of their capabilities and gain from the uplift in self-esteem that only defeating the conference favorites can provide.

The Colts are winning games against lower-level rivals, and last Sunday, against Jacksonville, they were unable to maintain a fascinating and terrific start to the game, thus we believe that, at the very least, they will win.

Our choice: Buffalo Bills.

Dallas Cowboys vs Kansas City Chiefs: Sunday 10:25 pm 

Are you aware that a confrontation between attacks of this quality level in 2021 is the Goodell's dream for promoting the league and sport to expand the catchment area? Hell yeah!

Before predicting, we have to answer the following questions:

Is the Chiefs' attack back?

What has caused the defense to improve in recent weeks?

Is it a low level of competition or a real improvement?

Our Choice: Kansas City Chiefs.

For the other matches of the week

Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets: Sunday 7 pm

Last Thursday, the Dolphins showed that they can defeat anyone, including Joe Flacco's Jets. Would like to see if they can still reach the playoffs?

Our Choice: Miami Dolphins.

Washington Football Team vs Carolina Panthers: Sunday 7 pm

As such, after defeating two much more popular rivals the previous Sunday, Cam Newton's Carolina Panthers face off against Ron Rivera's Washington Football Team. All of the games are still incredibly enjoyable and interesting at the end of November!

Our Choice: Washington Football Team.

Detroit Lions vs Cleveland Browns: Sunday 7 pm

Cleveland will put on a great performance against a drastically inferior opponent, reassuring us that we are still a contender: the Browns' pendulum.

These alternate between being a contender and a team going through an identity crisis after a spectacular year that was entirely due to chance.

Our Choice: Cleveland Browns.

San Francisco 49ers vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Sunday 7 pm

Are the Niners on their way back?

Who knows, maybe stepping on the Jaguars will provide them with the rigidity they need to have a journey to the playoffs.

Our Choice: San Francisco 49ers.

Houston Texans vs Tennessee Titans: Sunday 7 pm

There should be no history here, but I have a feeling this will be a trap game for the Titans in the same way that the trip to Jacksonville was for the Buffalo Bills: in 2021, you can not be certain of a result.

Our Choice: Tennessee Titans.

Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings: Sunday 7 pm

On paper, the Packers appear to be the favorites but keep in mind that Minnesota is very good at raising its level of play against top-tier teams, and despite their detrimental habit of throwing winnable games to the wind and Bay's under-performing match against Seattle last Sunday, we still look forward to Bay's victory.

Our Choice: Green Bay Packers.

Baltimore Ravens vs Chicago Bears: Sunday 7 pm

When a good team loses sloppily to a remarkably inferior opponent, just relax by attracting to the game's underlying unpredictability, 2021, or black magic, just like when the Ravens were humiliated by the Dolphins. Ravens are still our favorite list.

Our Choice: Baltimore Ravens.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Las Vegas Raiders: Sunday 10:05 pm

Both teams are in a critical stage of the season, and both need to win this game to better understand what they want to do with their lives as adults. We figure out that we are inclined a little towards Bengals.

Our Choice: Cincinnati Bengals.

Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks: Sunday at 10:25 pm

I'm not sure what to say; it all depends on who the Cardinals' quarterback will be.

Our Choice: Arizona Cardinals.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Los Angeles Chargers: Monday 2:20 am

The Chargers must take deep breaths, look in the mirror, and search for their soul. They can't afford to "defend" - sorry, associating this verb with their run defense may cause you to break out in hives - their usual races against the Pittsburgh Steelers, a team that could run in a crystal shop.

The lovely Californians have undoubtedly cooled down, but now is the ideal time to show the rest of the world that the success of September and early October was the product of a required growth and development that we all anticipated.

Our Choice: Los Angeles Chargers.

New York Giants vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tuesday at 2.15 am

Tom Brady never loses three games in a row.

Our Choice: Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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