The Summary of Thanks giving Day 2021 NFL

Did you have a carefree and joyful Thanksgiving? No time reserved for the NFL? No worries, we will help you out by providing a brief account of most notable matches last weekend!

Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions: 16-14

In one way or another, the Bears escaped with a 16-14 victory that put an end to rumors that Nagy's time in Chicago is coming to an end in the coming days: for the time being, nothing is known, but after such a game, it's difficult to be overcome by emotions likely to cause any second thoughts because what we saw yesterday is incapable of arousing any emotion other than frustration and anger.

Nonetheless, they put their heart and soul into Detroit, which, atypically, completed the first drive with a touchdown after a rare great play. Josh Reynolds slid behind the secondary and was caught free by Goff on a 39-yard reception: from there, the fall was unavoidable.

We've seen very few penalties, injuries - including D'Andre Swift and Roquan Smith - and additional football penalties. Besides, Chicago has put its nose in front thanks to placement and touchdown by the eternal Jimmy Graham at the end of an explosive drive in which Dalton covered the field with only two plays.

The score was 13 to 7 Bears after another placement before the teams, thankfully, went to their locker rooms. Hockenson's Lions overtaking touchdown and the Chicago victory placement were achieved by a rather competent drive by Dalton and his teammates.

Forced to score, the Bears held the ball for more than eight minutes, continuing to move the chains with unimaginable excellence until kicker Santos was in a position to give them the victory placement. Forced to score, the Bears held the ball for more than eight minutes, continuing to move thanks to a near-automatic putt from 28 yards.

The Cowboys vs the Raiders: 36 to 33 

The game in Dallas was far more exciting: even without Waller, who was injured in the second quarter, the Raiders were able to win 36 to 33 in overtime.

Two teams significantly impacted by injury - the Dallas Cowboys - and a paralyzing lack of serenity - the Las Vegas Raiders - squared off in Arlington.  It was possibly influenced by a couple of referee decisions that can be revised.

Under eight points at the start of the fourth quarter - 30 to 22 Raiders - the Cowboys showed remarkable maturity in drawing the game courtesy to a touchdown and a two-point conversion by Dalton Schultz. the Raiders' response was quick. How Carr connected with DeSean Jackson for 30 yards propelled Las Vegas into the opponent's half, where Carlson delivered a tricky 56-yard pass to propel his own back forward seconds later.

With his back to the wall once more, Dak Prescott rose to the chair brilliantly, pushing his offensive unit into the field goal area, where the inconstant Zuerlein sent the game to overtime with a 45-yard field goal: extra. Dallas, who won the coin toss, has been unable to advance beyond the three-and-out, allowing the Raiders to finish it off with any type of realization.

After the Raiders came dangerously close at the 50-yard line courtesy to a 21-yard sprint by Jacobs, Dallas appeared to have managed to contain the opponent's drive thanks to a vital sack by Parsons, who condemned the Raiders to convert an improbable 3 & 18.

Dallas would have regained possession of the ball and, logically, the opportunity to win their eighth game of the season if the referees had not called pass interference on Anthony Brown. This guy had turned his back on the ball in an attempt to mark Zay Jones: abundantly in the red zone, Carlson made the game-winning kick from 29 yards after three penalties, including two successive neutral zone infractions by Dallas.

After three straight losses, the Raiders finally find success by re-entering the playoff race. It's tough for Dallas to imagine winning without having their receiving corps holder and two-level pass rusher available. 

Buffalo demolished New Orleans 31 to 6

It's not unexpected that the Saints are almost barren of offensive skill capable of making a difference in the NFL owing to injuries.

Buffalo dominated from start to finish by beating a technically inferior rival - especially given the injuries - without a point guard capable of complicating the opposing defensive department's life: New Orleans. This figure suffices, and he gained the misery of 190 yards of total offense by racking up 3.3 yards per play, some bleak sterility that thwarted the surprising victory in the often decisive battle of turnovers - two by Buffalo.

Josh Allen had a good game - tainted by two interceptions - in which he threw four touchdowns, one to Diggs, two to Knox, and one to my pagan god Matt Breida. Allen's performance was marked by the overbearing display of mental strength, as after launching the two interceptions in the first half of the game, once back on the field, he exorcised his demons with three touchdowns.

Sorry to see the Saints, but their bad luck has decided to rampage on them this year, and winning in this league without their leading quarterback, backfield, budding tight end, and top receiver is too much for even a well-trained team like Louisiana.

This is a vital victory for the Bills, who needed to respond quickly after the nasty fish in the face they received last Sunday against the Colts.

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