The Summary of 2021 NFL’s 13th Sunday 

It's time we take a tour back at the NFL matches the previous weekend! Let our journey begin!

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens: 20-19 

Our trip can only begin with the Pittsburgh Steelers' tremendous triumph over the Baltimore Ravens, a 20-19 victory that adds to the epicness of a rivalry that has frequently and freely provided us with epic endings.

Despite having a clear advantage in possession time, Baltimore lost the first half 7-3, a score that does not respect the Pittsburgh Steelers' offensive sterility. The Steelers, however, were able to completely flip the game's inertia in the second half. 

The third quarter, on the other hand, stuck to the script of the first thirty minutes, as the only points we saw came from a Tucker field goal.

With his back to the wall for the umpteenth time this season, Pittsburgh got back on top and began to move the chains with appreciable success until he found the potential parity touchdown with Diontae Johnson. However, parity remained hypothetical as the usually reliable Boswell badly missed the extra point, 10 to 9 Ravens.

The next two drives did nothing to shift the game's perilous balance, as the two rivals exchanged a handful of positions in just under seven minutes: 13 to 12 Ravens.

After a heartbreaking three-and-out in Baltimore, Pittsburgh put together the drive of the day by marching on an exhausted Baltimore defense. Once in the red zone, with about two minutes to play, Tomlin's boys put the game out of reach. It was thanks to the second touchdown of the incomparable Diontae Johnson, followed by a two-point conversion by Gentry, giving Pittsburgh full possession of the lead for the first time all day.

After Boswell kicked off, giving the Ravens a great starting position on the field. With a dozen or so seconds left to play, Jackson drew Watkins to the promised land for the -1 touchdown.

At that time, Harbaugh opted to go all-in by attempting a hazardous two-point conversion that, if successful, would have given them yet another heart attack victory. regrettably, Jackson placed the ball too far to the right. Mark Andrews had been unable to finish the reception.

This is a crucial win for Pittsburgh, which was still in the hunt for a wild card with a record of 6-5-1, while there wasn't much to say about Baltimore: the offense has reached intolerable levels in recent weeks, and a defeat was in the offing.

The Detroit Lions vs the Minnesota Vikings: last-minute victory

The Detroit Lions will not finish the season with zero victories, thanks to a 29-27 victory over the Minnesota Vikings, a score that proves that the Minnesota Vikings are the league's most unreadable team.

After a Lions-dominated first half - 20 to 6 at the end of the second quarter - Minnesota patiently fought back to take the lead, 27 to 23, on a touchdown by the incomparable Justin Jefferson, who arrived at the most ideal time, that is, not too many snaps before the final whistle: the unparalleled sophomore yesterday received 11 passes for 182 yards and the aforementioned touchdown.

With little under two minutes left in the game, Jared Goff reminded the world why he was once considered a franchise quarterback, moving the chains with ice calm to the point of giving his offense one final, realistic chance. With four seconds remaining and 11 yards to gain, why not try a blitz against a quarterback who can't handle the pressure? – Goff was put in a position where he could connect with Amon-Ra St. Brown for the game-winning touchdown.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Atlanta Falcons: 30 to 17 

Keeping the game exciting, Tom Brady threw an unlucky pick-six, which was intercepted by Fournette on a comfortable check-down near his end zone. This, however, must not detract from an otherwise incredible effort, which included tossing the ball in the air more than 50 times. 

Brady has 368 yards and four touchdowns to his credit, two of which were tossed to Rob Gronkowski, who appeared to have recovered well from the injury that has plagued him for much of the season.

Arizona Cardinals won the Chicago Bears 33 to 22 

Murray's rather paltry figures - 123 throwing yards on 15 jumps - make you squirm. 24 of Arizona's 33 points came after Dalton's interception, which systematically gave them superb field position, therefore permitting Murray and colleagues comfortable layups in the open field to be placed on the hoop.

If nothing else, this loss pushes Nagy closer to his sacking, which, if you ask a Bears fan, is the season's only goal.

The Los Angeles Chargers vs the Cincinnati Bengals: the 41 to 22

The Chargers were ruined by four turnovers in Cincinnati, which nullified Burrow's and his teammates' excellent comeback from a 24 to 0 deficit only minutes after the start of the second quarter.

The game was far more evenly balanced than the final score suggests, as the Bengals were only two scores down with just over a quarter remaining.  However, an unfortunate Mixon turnover changed the momentum of the game. Because Tevaughn Campbell recovered his fumble and returned him to the end zone for a crucial touchdown, he won the race.

Even though it is necessary to highlight the fact that Joe Burrow was the victim of a tedious injury to his right hand's little finger, which was not exactly in the axis at one point, the long-distance clash between - phenomenal - sophomore quarterbacks won over Justin Herbert.

Indianapolis Colts Beating Texans 31-0 

Congrats to the Colts for managing as a great team a game that shouldn't have had a history but didn't.

Jonathan Taylor was the dominant player that any fantasy owner deserves to have in their team even yesterday, scoring two touchdowns while rushing for 143 yards.

The Miami Dolphins won the New York Giants 20 to 9

With this win, the Dolphins extend their winning streak to five, and, at 6-7, they begin to believe in the playoff dream with genuine realism.

Miami played a clean and disciplined game, putting Tua in a position to succeed with high percentage short throws. This, combined with the defensive department's excellent work. Overall, it was a game that was not particularly exciting but certainly well planned.

Philadelphia Eagles won 33 to 18 against the New York Jets

For the next few weeks, various web humorists will try to elicit likes and reactions by pointing out that Gardner Minshew wears a mustache above his upper lip, a stylistic frivolity that many find hilarious.

After an almost impossible start to the game - six touchdowns in the first six drives - sanity has returned to the game, and the Jets, remembering that they are the Jets, have been unable to score points, while Philadelphia has increased his lead by exploiting the precision of an inspired Minshew, field goal after field goal.

The Washington won the Las Vegas Raiders 17 to 15 

That held in Las Vegas was a razor-thin contest in which neither team was able to establish dominance over the other, setting the stage for a final that almost certainly resulted in the deaths of countless nails. 

A few minutes from the end of the game, Las Vegas tasted the intoxicating taste of the lead for the first time thanks to a placement by the usual Carlson, who, however, returned the ball to Washington with more than two minutes left to play.

The young quarterback marched on the Raiders with reason and credit, giving newcomer Brian Johnson the chance to transform himself into a hero by converting the victory square, an obvious 48-yard football that catapulted Washington even further into the playoff tussle.

The 37 to 7 victory of the Rams over the Jacksonville Jaguars 

James Robinson is without a doubt the best player on the Jaguars' roster right now, and that should be obvious to everyone, right? No, because after a fumble - a dreadful error, to be sure, but one that must be considered in the game of American football - Meyer's genius decided to punish him by benching him in favor of a Carlos Hyde, who, to repay his coach's faith, has committed another fumble.

The firing of this subspecies of the coach because with someone like that on the bench, Trevor Lawrence is at risk of being burned.

Strange things happen between the Niners and the Seahawks all the time, and we were not disappointed this time.

The Seahawks over the San Francisco 49ers: 30 to 23

Both teams were wasteful and gross, with three turnovers each, and Seattle, in particular, threw more than promising drives to the wind by committing unacceptable turnovers near the goal line, an area of the field that proved fatal even to the players.

After Mitchell was stopped on first and second down, Jimmy G was unable to find Sherfield on two consecutive occasions for the touchdown that would have likely sent the game to overtime.

This is a painful defeat for the Niners, who miss out on a great opportunity to solidify their candidacy for a wild card in the NFC, even if their 6-6 record at this point in the championship does not rule them out completely.

The sad 22 to 9 of the Kansas City Chiefs on the Denver Broncos 

We also thought about the commendable work of a defensive department that, after an unremarkable first half of the season, has gradually increased in laps until it suffocates any kind of opposition. The Broncos' only touchdown came about five minutes before the final whistle.

The Chiefs could simply be infirm for anyone if Mahomes and his teammates find the desire to score a lot of points and play a football that respects the "tradition" established during the holding of number 15: kudos to the entire defensive department for the incredible change of gear.


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