Top 10 Biggest Stadiums in the NFL Today

In today's post, we'll rank the NFL's largest stadiums according to their seating capacity. Not only that, but we'll cover the costs of building each NFL stadium as well as the teams that use them. So keep reading to find out who is claiming the top spot.

10. Bills Stadium - Receiving capacity: 71

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Team: buffalo tickets; Construction cost: $ 22 million (1973) ($ 127 million in 2019 dollars)

Bills Stadium, formerly known as New Era Field, is a professional football stadium in New York City (Orchard Park). The Buffalo Bills call it home. The Bills' stadium was once one of the three largest in the National Football League, but renovations have reduced its capacity from 80 to 000.

Despite the reduction, it is still one of the NFL's largest stadiums in terms of seating capacity. The Bills don't have a retractable roof. The AstroTurf floor was installed during the stadium's initial construction and has never been replaced with grass.

9. NRG stadium- Receiving capacity: 72

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Team: the Texans from Houston; Construction cost: $ 449 million.

NRG Stadium, which opened in 2002 and is located in Houston, Texas, is one of the NFL's most beautiful venues, not only because of its size but also because of the retractable roof it features.

The NRG Stadium is the home of the Houston Texans NFL team and hosts a variety of events throughout the year as a multipurpose venue.

For the comfort of its fans, the NRG stadium has many high-end amenities. A club with seating for eight people, around 200 luxury suites, a team shop, bar and lounge are just a few of the amenities. There is also a large video scoreboard (HD) in the stadium where everyone can see the match score.

8. Mercedes-Benz Superdome- Receiving capacity: 73

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Team: New Orleans Saints; Construction cost: 1.5 billion

The exterior of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is enough to draw attention to the stadium's aesthetics. Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which is located in Atlanta, is the home of the Atlanta Falcons and has one of the best designs in the NFL.

One would dream of watching a live game from this stadium, with its stunning retractable roof that enables natural light to illuminate the stadium and an exterior that reflects the engineers' engineering sense. Shopping, entertainment, and food vendors are all available at the stadium, making it a complete package.

7. Bank of America Stadium- Receiving capacity: 75


Team: Caroline Panthères; Construction cost: $ 242 million.

Bank of America Stadium is one of the many NFL stadiums constructed in the United States during the 1990s. The Carolina Panthers play their home games at this stadium in Charlotte.

Bank of America Stadium is known for its well-designed arches, domed towers, and beautifully aligned silver and blue seats, in addition to its enormous size and capacity. Three full training fields, administrative offices, and up to 157 luxury suites are among the amenities available at the stadium.

The stadium's roaring sound system and the 190-foot video scoreboard from which fans can recall match scores are also big draws.

6. Empower Field-Receiving capacity: 76

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Team: the Denver Broncos; Construction cost: $ 364 million.

Empower Field comes to mind when we think of an NFL stadium in the shape of a horseshoe. The Empower, which is home to the Denver Broncos and is located in Colorado City (Denver), is one of the NFL's largest stadiums.

It has a seating capacity of around 76 people and features a Legacy Walk, which hosts pre-game activities, a Legend Mall, the Colorado Hall of Fame, and a large stadium shop.

The scoreboard in the stadium is also one of the largest and most decorated in the NFL. The dashboard is 220 by 40 feet in size. The beautiful sculptures that make up the stadium's exterior are more talked about than the luxurious interior.

5. Arrowhead Stadium-Receiving capacity: 76

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Team: Kansas City Chiefs; Construction cost: $ 43 million.

Arrowhead Stadium, which underwent renovations in 2010, is now one of the most visually appealing stadiums in the NFL. The renovation in 2010 allowed for enough expansion to increase the seating capacity.

The Arrowhead is a stadium in Kansas City where the Kansas City Chiefs play their home games. There are 76 seats in the stadium.

Facilities such as the club restaurant, concession areas, and a founders square were added to the massive stadium after the refurbishment. More renovations have been completed, including the addition of an upper deck to the stadium, as well as an expensive suite and seating for celebrities.

4. AT&T stage- Receiving capacity: 80

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Team: Dallas Cowboy; Construction cost: $ 1 billion.

The Dallas Cowboys, widely regarded as the American choice due to some of their successes in the 1990s, can boast of having AT&T Stadium as their home ground.

AT&T Stadium, located in Texas, is one of the country's largest, most famous, and most beautiful stadiums.

The stadium was designed by HKS Inc., and it has one of the best exterior designs in the NFL. You can count on HKS Architects to brag about erecting the best NFL stadium for the Dallas Cowboys, with a 750-foot glass wall and a stunning retractable rooftop installation.

3. Lambeau field- Receiving capacity: 80

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Team: Green Bay Packers; Construction cost: $ 960; Expansion cost: $ 295 million.


Lambeau Field has undergone numerous reconstructions and extensions since its inception in 1957, the most recent being in 2013. The goal was to increase the capacity of the stadium.

Lambeau Field, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is one of the most talked-about NFL stadiums in the country, owing to its long history. 

This stadium is the home of the Green Bay Packers.

In addition to the increased capacity provided by the 2013 expansion, the stadium now included improved amenities such as better suites and a larger video scoreboard.

2. FedEx field-Receiving capacity: 82

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Team: Washington Redskins; Construction cost: $ 250 million.

Despite the reduction in the number of seats, FedEx Field, formerly known as Jack Kent Cooke Stadium, remains one of the largest stadiums in the NFL.

The stadium is in Landover, Maryland, and is home to the Washington Redskins. After years of renovations, FedEx Field can now boast some of the best services.

Before the 2009 season, the stadium had two video scoreboards at the north and south ends, but after the 2009 season, a nicer and larger one was installed. Several restaurants, including the Redkskin Hall of Fame, have been added as a result of the expansion.

1. MetLife Stadium- Receiving capacity: 82

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Teams: the New York Jets and the New York Giants; Construction cost: $ 1.6 billion.

Metlife Stadium, formerly known as Meadowlands Stadium, was built as a result of an agreement between two NFL teams, the New York Jets and the New York Giants, to build the NFL's largest stadium together.

The architects' concept of dualization in stadium construction is top-notch, and it is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The light colors of the stadium, for example, change at intervals to reflect the team playing in the stadium due to the stadium's dual ownership.

Metlife Stadium, with its 82 seats, is also home to two training facilities for both teams. Within the establishment, there are also facilities for hosting other events.

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