Top 5 Most Underrated NFL Players 

We'll discuss NFL players who, for whatever reason, aren't given the recognition and credit they deserve.

Glover Quin

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Whether we like it or not, interceptions are often the most used yardstick when it comes to a defensive back, and if we wanted to think so, Glover Quin should be considered among the best in his role since he's been married to Detroit. Only Grimes, Nelson, and Sherman have gotten their hands on more balls than his 19.

Quin earned the first and last call to the Pro Bowl, first and last place in a Team All-Pro, and a spot in the annual NFL Network Top 100 after leading the NFL with seven interceptions.

Glover Quin has everything except the recognition he gets from the media: production, consistency, and even analyst approval and from those who vote in the Pro Bowls, even if it is only a minor factor.

Casey Hayward

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Free agency begins in March 2016, and cornerbacks are among the first to sign new, lucrative contracts.

Sean Smith signs a four-year deal with the Oakland Raiders for around $40 million, Janoris Jenkins a five-year deal for $62.5 million, followed by Josh Norman's five-year deal for $75 million: Casey Hayward's three-year deal with the San Diego Chargers for $15 million fades into the background, despite his rookie year with the Packers earning the highest PFF rating ever given to a slot defender.

Hayward is the best cornerback in the NFL, with perfect alignment and constantly hands on the move. Seemingly upset by Green Bay's lack of thanks, Hayward has developed into the best cornerback in the NFL in his two years in California.

During this time, no one has intercepted more balls or defended more passes than his 42, and his 96.4 rating in 2017 places him atop the PFF cornerback rankings by a margin of 4.4 points, a span that includes the runner-up - Tre'Davious White, 92.0- and the twelfth - AJ Bouye, 88.0.

Ryan Kerrigan

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Kerrigan's nonstop tempo is like this: every snap, right up to the referees' whistle. In addition to the fact that he has yet to miss a game in his seven-year career, only Von Miller, JJ Watt, and Cameron Wake have sacked the opposing quarterback more times than the Redskins' number 91, who has given the offensive coordinator on duty restless nights with his 71.5 quiet sacks.

Ryan Kerrigan's problem is a lack of wow factor, as his career-high in sacks is "only" 13.5 in 2014, but as Brandon Graham has taught us all these years, the raw number of sacks should always be taken with a grain of salt, as it does not do justice to his abilities. The 51 QB pressures registered in 2017 are unfortunately undervalued. He tied for first in the league with Miller and Avril with 22 forced fumbles since 2011.

TY Hilton

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Despite leading the league in receiving yards in 2016, Hilton was only ranked 61st among the best 100 NFL players, with eleven receivers ahead of him. Perhaps the most potent deep danger in the previous five years.

Last season, in the absence of Luck, Indianapolis won only four of the sixteen games scheduled: without the pointless victory against Houston, the team reached the last day of a championship that no longer made sense for both. Hilton has always gained at least 153 yards in the other three victories, finding the end zone on three occasions.

TY Hilton is one of the greatest five receivers in the NFL, even though finding a spot for him among the Browns, Jones, Green, Beckham, Allen, Thomas, and Hopkins is not simple.

Delanie Walker

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Delanie Walker is one of the NFL's most well-rounded tight ends. Probably because of his time with the Titans, he is now considered one of the league's greatest tight ends.

The almost 34-year-old's is consistency, as he has consistently been able to receive for 800 yards in the last four years, a number that can be safely interpreted as 1100 / 1200 yards for a catcher, as it should be noted that the most yards ever received by a tight end are "only" 1327, set by Gronkowski in his historic 2011.

Meanwhile, expect him to get his sacrosanct 60 balls for at least 800 yards this year as well.

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