NFL's Most Remarkable Touchdowns

The NFL is full of memorable touchdowns, from Odell Beckham Jr.'s flights to historic San Francisco 49ers memories. Fans have watched spectacular touchdowns throughout the NFL's history. Actions that looked inconceivable at the time, but changed the outcome of a match and, in some cases, an entire season.

Some of these touchdowns have become classic moments in American football, remembered fondly decades later. We've compiled a list of ten of the most amazing moments in NFL history.

Sandonio holmes' touchdown in Super Bowl XLIII

It took place in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Super Bowl 43, in 2009. On the field, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals battled it out, but it's Sandonio Holmes who stood out.


With 42 seconds left and a three-point deficit, the Steelers went on to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy most bizarrely and spectacularly possible, with the most stunning touchdown imaginable.


With the ball intended to leave the field but prevented just in time by Holmes with his hands out of the pitch but his feet firmly planted on the ground, it was the most inexplicable reception sensibly. Translation: a touchdown and a win!

Odell Beckham jr's touchdown in 2014

This play by the New York Giants in 2014 inspired Maximilian Pircher, the only Italian player currently in the NFL, who is a member of the newly crowned Super Bowl champion LA Rams.

With an unbelievable touchdown, Beckham Jr completed a 50-yard throw from his quarterback. How? Backward jump while holding the ball in one hand.

"The catch": the 1982 touchdown by Dwight Clark

Dwight Clark scored on a pass from Joe Montana. A game that will live on in the minds of 49ers fans for a long time. The catch, one of the most famous moments in NFL history, symbolized the changeover between the Cowboys and the 49ers.


Joe Montana struggled to get out of the cylinder at the finish, and it appeared destined for the void; at the end, Dwight Clark snagged him on the fly with his fingertips, ensuring the 49ers' triumph.

"The catch 2": the 1999 touchdown remake in San Francisco 

In the 1998/99 NFL playoffs, the 49ers staged a remake of "The Catch."

Terrell Owens, a San Francisco receiver, completed a 25-yard pass with a spectacular volley, despite the Packers' triple intervention, without losing contact with the ball for the 30-27 victory touchdown.

The falling 1974 touchdown, the epic "sea of ​​hands"

A memorable play was staged during the game between the Raiders and the Dolphins. The Oakland Raiders' quarterback, Ken Stabler, was only 8 yards away from scoring a touchdown, but the ball sailed through the hands of three Miami defenders who failed to intercept it.


"The immaculate reception": the fearless touchdown of 1972

The label placed on Franco Harris' touchdown by the Americans says it all. It takes divine intervention to explain what transpired on the field between the Steelers and the Raiders during the game.

The Steelers quarterback tossed the ball to Fuqua, but a Raiders defender collided with him just as the ball was about to reach him. The two collided on the ground, and the ball jumped daringly straight into the hands of Franco Harris, the Steelers' fullback, who flew towards the game-winning score.

The desperate touchdown of 1975, the original NFL "Hail Mary" 

The term " Hail Mary " was coined in 1975 by the Dallas Cowboys board, which included quarterback Roger Staubach and receiver Drew Paerson, to describe the miraculous event that transpired on the field following the winning score.

The long pass, according to the Cowboys coach, is a desperate move. Instead, Staubach's 50-yard pass resulted in the game-winning score. Since then, the term has come to mean an unexpected action that turns out to be successful.

A godsend in Motown, the Packers' 2015 touchdown 

Time was almost up on the clock, and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had the final ball of the game in his hands to prevent a loss to the Detroit Lions at Ford Field in Michigan.

It was done in the blink of an eye. The miracle comes in the form of a 61-yard ball from the quarterback to Tight End Richard Rodgers, who catches it in the end zone despite three Lions defenders and two teammates. The ball does not fall; instead, points shower down for the victory.

The 49-yard 2022 touchdown 

Although the Kansas City Chiefs did not win the game, Dante Hall's score against the Denver Broncos will live on in the minds of all fans. A remarkable 49-yard run in which he dribbled and counter-dribbled on opposing defenders, skipped like pins and sped to the touchdown.

The strangest touchdown ever, the 2000 "improbable bobble"

The Green Bay Packers defeated the Minnesota Vikings 26-20 in overtime at Lambeau Field, which was drenched in rain. Antonio Freeman scored the oddest touchdown of his career.

After a missed interception by Minnesota Vikings defender Robert Griffith, the ball bounced off Freeman's back and immediately into his arms without ever touching the ground, and he never left the game until the winning score.

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